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Mengsi Kneeling Chair Ergonomic Posture Work Desk Stool for Bad Backs Support Adjustable Computer Desk Chair with Backrest and Handles

Product Features

  • Adjustable height:solid wood backrest design, waxed and polished surface, sturdy material, height adjustment of the chair according to your height, and finally the most satisfactory position, non-pneumatic lifter, safe and reliable, adjustable height 10cm, foldable Easy to carry, movable caster design, free to move
  • Better posture:there is no reason to linger on your keyboard or desktop for hours. Our seat is tilted 90 degrees and this positional chair features a functional design that enhances posture and enhances comfort. This angled squat office chair keeps your back upright and evenly distributes your weight on your hips and legs while keeping your spine aligned.
  • Maximum comfort:we have your back (and your knees, calves and your back!) Your ergonomic chair is equipped with solid wood frame and high elastic sponge linen to ensure comfort during use.
  • More features:You can use this knee chair as a table and chair, meditation chair, home office chair, posture correction chair, etc. Even the bottom can be used as a stool when needed. Whether you need an orthopaedic chair to relieve specific pain, or just want to feel more comfortable when you sit down, this is the perfect bench for you. The rocking movement keeps your core active and involved so you can build stronger back and core muscles.
  • More people:This ergonomic squat stool promotes natural, upright posture, helps strengthen the abdomen and back muscles, and increases blood flow and energy. Don't be surprised if you find yourself better focused than before, which will allow you to do more work or get work done faster! Experience the benefits of an ergonomic stool.
Price: $355.62
(as of 09/22/2019 05:03 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Color: brown
Surface treatment: natural wood
Material: Polypropylene
Type: Squatting chair
Style: modern, relaxed
Material: beech, mattress – sponge and linen breathable fabric
Weight: 150 kg (330 lbs)
Net weight: 12 kg or 26.45 lbs
Height adjustment frame
Padded seat and knee
Need easy self-assembly
Polypropylene fabric durable
Classic European design with wood frame
Angle and height adjustment for maximum comfort
This chair encourages a more ergonomic posture and is more even
The human body cuts the solid wood backrest: the curved angle design keeps fit with the spine shape when the human body is sitting, so that the body is fully supported.
High Resilience Sponge Cushion: It adopts 3D three-dimensional design and meets the standard of ergonomics. It can effectively fit the buttocks, the sitting is very full, relax the buttocks muscles, sedentary is not tired
High-grade safety gas bar: a good chair with a good gas bar, in order to make the chair more words, more assured, a good gas bar brings not only comfort, but also a safe.
Stable eucalyptus frame: Selected natural high quality wood, varnish coverage, durable and safe, the product quality has been heavily screened.

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