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Four-Wheeled Walker with Folding for Seniors European Style Compact Folding Lightweight Aluminum Walkers,Gold

Product Features

  • The built-in sponge in the seat is comfortable and easy to clean; the storage box is enlarged for easy travel.
  • Herringbone lightweight aluminum frame, durable, adjustable backrest, comfortable sitting position.
  • Double brake design, push the brake up, press the brake, the stand brake lock function only needs to pull the brake handle down to fix the vehicle lock state.
  • The compact folding design, the foldable walker is very compact when folded and can be easily installed in the trunk or rear seat of the car. Easily fold in one easy step. Just pull up the center strap under the seat.
  • Convenient and safe storage options make it easy and safe to store your daily necessities in a detachable walker bag. Store your wallet or wallet, drugs, electronic devices, etc. safely. It also includes an integrated cane stand.
Price: $616.00
(as of 09/15/2019 07:16 UTC - Details)

Product Description

The walking cart is mainly used for the elderly or the rehabilitation workers to carry out rehabilitation training in indoors, communities, parks, supermarkets, etc., to assist walking, and to use them when tired.
Material: aluminum alloy
Color: blue, gold
Net weight: 8KG
Size: 60*73*(77-86)cm (height adjustable)
Function: assisted walking
Crowd: the elderly, people with limited mobility, and later rehabilitation
Features: thick aluminum alloy, easy to fold, strengthen the brake, load capacity 200 lbs, handle height adjustable, adjustable back thickness

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