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QETU Elderly Walker, Multi-Function Lower Limb Training Walking Stand Frame Adult Walker Stroke Hemiplegia Rehabilitation Equipment,Blue

Product Features

  • ◆Handrail design: The handrail bar is designed with high-density sponge, which absorbs sweat and slips. The arm of the user can rely on it to improve the balance and use of the body.
  • ◆Height adjustable (10-speed adjustment): Height 10 gears (115-145CM) adjustable, users can adjust according to their height.
  • ◆Back protection design: Push-pull back tube with detachable design, easy for users to enter and exit, saving time and effort.
  • ◆Universal wheel: with brake,stand or sit to disengage the brakes when the wheels are braked. Seat belt buckle: thickened and widened nylon cloth has a long service life. ABS clasp is safe and convenient.
  • ◆Easy to assemble and disassemble: no tools are required for assembly, and it is easy to fix by snap and rotary screws. Applicable people: patients with hemiplegia/joint pain/mobile/exercise traumatic inconvenience.
Price: $855.00
(as of 12/15/2019 10:11 UTC - Details)

Product Description

◆Adjustable width under the armpit (30-43CM): Adjust to the user’s chest width according to the width of the user’s chest.
◆Knee top plate (15CM): The height of the top plate can be adjusted between 15CM, and the user can adjust according to his height.
◆Anti-back tilt bracket, height adjustable: adjustment bracket: 1, the standing training team is adjusted to the ground, 2, practice walking adjustment to the ground 0.5CC, 3, using the wheelchair function to adjust to the ground 2CM.

Main material: high carbon steel plating
Product load: 200 kg
Underarm width: 30-43CM
Side wheel track: 94CM
Left and right track: 60CM
The widest before and after: 100CM
Main wheel diameter: 10CM
Vehicle height: 115-145CM
Packing size: 87 × 76 × 25CM
Product Type: Upgrade High Edition
Specifications: red, blue
Product gross weight: 19KG

◆ Manual measurement, product size and physical object may have an error of 1~2 cm
◆The products are taken in kind, but due to the difference of light, equipment, shooting angle and computer resolution, the received objects and photos may be different, subject to the actual product.
◆Please strictly follow the product load-bearing instructions after purchase, and strictly prohibit overweight use.

Customer Reviews

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