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Rollz Motion 2-n-1 Rollator Transport Chair (Pebble White)

Product Features

  • Transforms into a Transport Chair in Seconds and back into a rollator with ease
  • 12" PU Rubber rear wheels with foam fill for vibration reduction on sidewalks
  • Hub Brakes allow caregiver to slow the Transport Chair down ramps and slopes
  • Well balanced to easily curb climb
  • Stylish great looks and best in class functionality for active seniors
Price: $1,149.95
(as of 11/22/2019 03:47 UTC - Details)

Product Description

You have already seen and done a lot. But your journey of discovery isn’t over yet. Effortless staying power. Live life to the full. That’s what Rollz is all about. Which is why we have designed the modern Rollz Motion, a rollator that converts into a transportchair at a flick of the wrist. Rollz takes you further with confidence. Be it for an outdoor activity, a long holiday, a treasured exposition or a shopping afternoon, this 2-in-1 rollator inspires you to keep on going without effort. In addition the Rollz Motion folds in a compact package and fits into any car. The Rollz Motion is an ergonomically designed rollator with a strong but lightweight frame which enables you to walk steadily, upright and comfortably. And if you want to rest along the way, the Rollz Motion converts into a transportchair at a flick of the wrist. And of course, just as easily back again.

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