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WSYHXMWalker Walker Multifunctional Adult Lower Limb Training Walking Stand Rehabilitation Building Materials

Product Features

  • Multiple features are combined in one,the chassis is widened,and all steel brackets prevent rollover.
  • Move the side wheel for 3 seconds to disassemble,360°rotation,can be oriented brake,mute does not hurt the floor,solid resistance.
  • Train standing,lame,stepping,walking,can be used as a wheelchair.
  • The vehicle height is 115cm-140cm,the waist is 44cm wide,and the wheel diameter is 10cm.
  • Oxford cloth cover,sponge handle,ankle protection pad,plum blossom,detachable side wheel.
(as of 09/16/2019 01:16 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Product Name:Double-necked stand.

Material: high carbon metal tube.

Product color:blue.

Commodity bearing weight:200 kg.

Product weight:17kg.

Vehicle height:115cm-140cm.

Underarm width:30cm-42cm.

Waist width:44cm.

Front and rear track:65cm.

Left and right track:60cm.

Wheel diameter:10cm.

The height of the underarm is adjustable,and the width of the double jaws can be adjusted for use by people of different sizes.

Press the marble to adjust,easy to operate,after adjusting the width,tighten the knob screws on the left and right sides to prevent the left and right swing.

The length of the strap can be adjusted.

Rubber Vientiane silent wheel,wheel resistance can.

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